How should you coach your employees?

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One to two days of teleworking per week can ensure a better work/life balance for your employees. With systematic teleworking (i.e. no free choice to come to the office), employees indicate more of a need for connection and physical proximity to their colleagues. As a manager, remote coaching requires more discipline to remain in touch with the team and each individual employee. The experience of teleworking can vary greatly depending on the employee's situation at home (own space, small children, other housemates working from home, etc.). Shorter but more frequent coordination with the team is recommended (both formally and informally). Employee working from home often report that they work harder than in the office because there are no social bubbles and they do no wish to feel guilty about working at home. This is why it is important not to appear controlling as a manager, but to show confidence. Results-oriented management is becoming the norm.

Also take into account the right job framework for your employees. If your employees feel better supported and guided, their job satisfaction will increase. This is therefore also important for teleworking. Therefore, be sufficiently transparent about expectations, both from the employer to the employee and vice versa.

How can you coach your teleworkers?

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