Healthy diet

Your environment affects your dietary choices

Did you know we make around 200 food choices on any given day? Most of these are unconscious choices. Our environment also has a major impact on these choices. When your employees are teleworking, they exchange the range on offer in the canteen for their own kitchen. They have access to cookies, chocolate, soft drinks and alcohol at any time of day. This does not make it easy for them to make healthy choices.

But what are healthy choices? Find out more in our brochure 'Tips for healthy eating through the day'. Be sure to share it with your employees.

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Why does it pay to eat healthily?

If you eat healthy food

  • your mood will be better and you will feel more energised;
  • you will be less likely to fall ill;
  • you are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

In other words, it is always a good idea to opt for a healthy diet.

So, what does a balanced diet look like? Take a look at the food pyramid.

This is how your employees can create a healthy home environment

Teleworking also has a major advantage: we have a strong influence on our home environment. There are no temptations like canteen vending machines or fast food restaurants on the way home. The following tips will help your employees to create a teleworking area that encourages healthy choices.

Healthy eating starts in the supermarket

  • Adding enough fruit and vegetables to the shopping cart is a good start. Two pieces of fruit a day and an extra portion of vegetables as a snack or with lunch is perfect for a healthy diet.
  • Opt for wholegrain products. They are a source of vitamins and minerals and will leave you feeling satiated for longer. This way, you will be less likely to want to snack.
  • Add healthy, bite-sized snacks to your shopping list. Examples include cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, nuts, natural yogurt and fruit.
  • Read the ingredients on the product label. This will make you aware of the amount of sugar and fat you consume every day.

Make the healthy choice an easy one

  • Place healthy products in the front and top of the refrigerator.
  • Place a dish of bite-sized fruit in a visible, easily accessible place.
  • Put sweets and cookies in a non-transparent box and hide them. Still tempted? Move any boxes of candy to a less accessible place.
  • Always keep a bottle of water (flavoured or otherwise) within easy reach.

Need more tips?

Tips for a healthier diet

Teleworking has its challenges, but also offers opportunities to live a healthier life. Do your teleworkers want to have a healthier diet? These tips will help them get started:

  • Eat regularly and at set times. This is how you train your body to feel hungry at the right time.
  • Don't eat at your computer, but take the time for a lunch break. By focusing on your meal, you avoid eating more food without realising it.
  • Eat consciously and slowly. Enjoy what you eat
  • Control your portions. Did you know that we are inclined to place up to 25% more more food on a large plate? You would be better off going for a smaller size.
  • Eat a varied diet and vary regularly with vegetables, meat, fish and vegetarian food. If you draw up a weekly menu in advance, healthy eating will never get boring.
  • Try something new. Use the time you would normally spend on commuting to and from work to find delicious, healthy recipes.
  • Don't do everything at once. Take it step by step and replace an unhealthy type of food with a healthier alternative. For example, go for a bowl of oatmeal instead of a sandwich with chocolate spread or flavoured water instead of a soft drink.

What can you do for your employees?

You can certainly help your employees improve their diet while working from home. IDEWE is here to help you.

'Healthy food at work' training session

Is bread healthy? Should you eat dairy every day or is it better not to eat it at all? There is so much contradictory information available, which makes it difficult for employees to stay on the right track. During this training, they will discover the most recent food pyramid recommendations. We show them what healthy food looks like.

'My brain is eating' training session

When do we feel hungry? Above all, why do we eat? The 'My brain is eating' training session gives your employees a better understanding of the factors that influence their eating behaviour. This allows them to develop tools to deal with the temptation of unhealthy food.

Encourage healthy eating and drinking in the workplace

More than half of Belgian employees have a BMI that is too high. There is certainly room for improvement. IDEWE has a 4-step programme that guides your organisation towards a healthier lifestyle. This prepares you for when your employees return to the workplace and eat there.

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