Mental well-being

Take care of the mental health of your teleworkers

Besides physical health, it is important to take good care of the mental health of your teleworkers. Teleworking may result in less social contact with their environment. Loneliness can be caused by a lack of physical interaction. On the other hand, living in each other's pockets can cause frustration and stress. Making effective agreements and organising work well are therefore important. You will learn how to do this in our brochure: 'Prevention of psychosocial risks in teleworking'.

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Tips for good mental well-being

How can your teleworkers ensure good mental well-being? Some tips:

  • Provide a separate workspace where you will not be disturbed too much. A separate room ensures a clear separation between work and private life.
  • Plan the working day. Make effective arrangements with your partner and children.
  • Keep in touch with colleagues and manager to prevent social isolation.
  • Changeover: exercise regularly and sufficiently.
  • Choose healthy snacks.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Ensure mental rest: plan this and keep the workplace tidy.
  • Respect normal working hours like in the office whenever possible.
  • Maintain a good work routine: prepare yourself at the same time each day as you would for a normal working day and finish the working day by taking a walk (for example).
  • Do not forget to take breaks: after all, you also take breaks from time to time in the workplace and chat regularly with colleagues about things other than work. Don't feel guilty about doing the same thing when working from home.

How can your teleworkers connect and disconnect healthily?

To be able to work with a fresh mind, we need to give our brains sufficient rest. Due to the multitude of communication tools available, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, there is a risk that your employees will remain connected to their work at all times, wherever they are. There is a great temptation to ‘quickly check a few work e-mails’ or 'go through a report'. This can lead to unnecessary stress and even burnout. That's why it is crucial that your employees disconnect on time and protect themselves from professional incentives, even when working from home.

On 5 March 2020, we gave a webinar on how your employees can do this together with Acerta.


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Would you like to know what the points of interest are within your organisation regarding disconnection?

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IDEWE helps you take care of the mental well-being of your employees. Among other things, we offer:

Corona barometer

A short, scientifically structured survey gives you an insight into the consequences of the coronavirus crisis on the mental health of your employees. We investigate their needs so you can define possible actions.

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Well-being training in the event of change

Care for employees in uncertain times: how should you take care of your employees in the event of a change? This training provides you with the tools to tackle this challenge.

Mental resilience during the coronavirus pandemic

This workshop is aimed at your employees to maintain healthy resilience and improve their self-care.

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