Teleworking policy and employment contract

An existing teleworking policy often consists of the following:

  • The frequency of working from home and the days or hours worked.
  • The periods during which the teleworker must be reachable and via which channels.
  • The arrangements for the reimbursement of costs.
  • The place(s) and times chosen by the teleworker for their work.
  • The technical support agreements to be able to work.

These are also the various aspects that you must include in an employment contract for teleworkers. Before going from the current situation to systematic working from home, you must also make clear arrangements about working hours and about home office compensation, in addition to adjusting the existing employment contract. Contact your administrative office for more information.

vrouw werkt op laptop werkt op keukentafel - telewerk

It is important that your teleworking policy also integrates the well-being of your teleworkers.

Include the following aspects in your teleworking policy:

  1. Develop a supported policy adapted to your organisation and your employees.
  2. Maintain a connection with your team (both formally and informally).
  3. Make expectations more concrete.
  4. Give your employees the confidence they need.
  5. Provide an ergonomic basic package for teleworking.
  6. Inform your employees about how to set up their remote workplace correctly.

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