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A healthy teleworking environment

Your employees must also be able to work in a healthy working environment at home.

There are a number of factors that help determine this.


A comfortable temperature for display screen workers is between 23°C and 26°C in the summer and between 20°C and 24°C in the winter. If possible, avoid:

  • Cold draughts: the presence and/or absence of a draught influences how your employees feel the temperature. The higher the air speed, the colder it feels.
  • Major fluctuations in temperature (both in the room itself and between the different rooms).
  • Cold floors.
  • Unwanted thermal radiation.

Your employees decide for themselves how warm or cold it is at home.



Your employees should work in a well-lit room and avoid reflections, glare and shadows as much as possible. They should try to sit with the table or desk at a right angle, with some distance between them and the window. Alternatively, they can use curtains or sun blinds to reduce excess light. Is there too little light? Use artificial light. Try to illuminate the workstation as uniformly as possible. Also avoid dark areas in the room itself. Provide sufficient daylight in the room. A lack of daylight can have a negative effect on the well-being of your employees (state of mind, energy level , etc.).


Your employees should work from home in a separate locked area where they cannot be disturbed too much.

Background noise can severely disrupt their ability to concentrate.



Fresh air makes it easier for your employees to focus and perform their work with more satisfaction.

Get your employees to ventilate the room at home at intervals, e.g. by opening the window regularly.

WiFi and radiation

How can your employees reduce radiation in their home workplace? 6 tips:

  1. 1Place the WiFi station at least 3 metres from fixed workstations. Install it in the corridor rather than in a work or living area.
  2. Do not place the WiFi stations too close together as they will reinforce each other. Do not place them in the corner of a room either as this will make the rays even stronger when reflected.
  3. Always keep the duration of exposure in mind. A WiFi station will cause less damage in a meeting room than in a permanent workstation.
  4. Limit the number of electrical appliances on a desk to what is absolutely necessary and pay sufficient attention to the cables. Place them in a cable tray and avoid contact with the desk.
  5. Do not advise your employees to work with the laptop on their lap.
  6. Limit calls on a smartphone that is held close to your ear.

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