Healthy teleworking

Move sufficiently

Even if your employees work from home, it is important that they keep moving. By maintaining a healthy balance between exercise, sitting and standing, they are opting for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is all about advantages. How can you ensure your employees exercise enough while working remotely? Here are a few tips.

Pay attention to the mental well-being of your teleworkers

Besides physical health, it is important to take good care of the mental health of your teleworkers. When teleworking, they may have less social contact with their environment, which can be a facilitator for loneliness. On the other hand, living in each other's pockets can cause frustration and stress. How do you ensure good mental well-being among your employees?

Eat a balanced, healthy diet

If you eat healthily, you’ll be happier, more energetic and more productive. Choosing a healthy diet is definitely worthwhile – and that goes for teleworking, too. Your teleworkers work from home, where they can influence their own environment. This makes it easy to opt for healthier food choices. Want some specific tips and training for your employees? We’d be happy to share them.

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